The Boston Area Drosophila Meeting is open to anyone working on fruit flies in the New England region. Our hope is to occasionally bring together Drosophila researchers from different institutions to share their latest findings and expertise. We invite faculty, post-docs, students and technicians to give presentations in a friendly atmosphere with a hope to encourage collaborations between different labs and institutions.

2019 Meeting Organizers
Karla Kaun | Assistant Professor of Neuroscience,  Brown University
Erica Larschan | Assistant Professor of Biology, Brown University
Nate Snell | Graduate Student, Gilead Barnea Lab, Brown University
Jackie Howell | Graduate Student, Marc Tatar Lab & Karla Kaun Lab, Brown University
Mukulika Ray | Graduate Student, Erica Larschan Lab, Brown University

Advisory Board
James Walker | Assistant Professor of Neurology, Mass. General Hospital / Harvard Medical School
Alexey Veraksa | Professor of Biology, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Stephanie Mohr | Director, Drosophila RNAi Screening Center (DRSC), Harvard Medical School

Administrative Coordinator
Cathryn Murphy | Perrimon Lab, Harvard Medical School

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